The False Twin Flame Reunion

A “False Twin Flame Reunion” is one of the most painful experiences a person can go through. But worry not! It is never the end of the world. Quite the opposite. You could instead call it, “Soul mate reunion”. Read on ONLY if you are prepared to dive into the world of true love. It’s not an easy road to go down.

Firstly, remember that a soul mate connection is very deep. To fall in love with a soul mate is very natural. Sometimes it is romantic for a while. Sometimes it’s simply a friendship. Sometimes it’s deeper than both put together. Family. Tribe. So if you ever connect with someone you think is your twin flame, then it turns out to be untrue… Never panic. Just accept that you’ve made a very deep connection.

In my opinion,¬† you will want to open your heart again to the twin flame idea soon after the acceptance stage. You don’t want to invoke jealousy in your soul mate, so don’t get over-excited if you find someone who fits even more.

A good rule of thumb is to just be chill about the whole twin flame thing. The more excited you get, the higher your chances of creating delusions become.


How to tell?

When you fall in love, in any case it is difficult to know what’s up and what’s down. Love is so powerful that it can turn even the most intelligent mind to mush.

I will say however, that things should line up beyond perfectly. Zoom out on the situation… Look at the bigger picture… It should make complete sense to your entire past, present and future. Twin flames are souls which are fully aligned throughout life, in some way. Every twin flame relationship is different, but in every case, there is an inexplicable divine alignment.

The problem with what I’ve just said is, it is impossible to know certain things. So this cannot be ruled by logic. There is another force of intelligence which must play its part, far beyond the force of logic. Heart. The heart knows what the mind does not.



The intelligence of the heart is measured by one’s intuitive mind. If you hone your intuition, you will notice that you can just know the truth of a situation without even thinking about it. You can test this in as many situations as possible, until you can fully trust your intuition.

Once your intuition is perfected… It’s time to listen to your heart. This is a deeper layer of intelligence than mind. It is Spirit. It is Soul. Don’t fall under the impression that it’s just your heart chakra. The chakra plays its part, but the true heart is pervading AND surrounding your entire body. It’s in your bones, your veins, your skin. Sounds clich√©, right? Well, if you do what I’m telling you, you will eventually experience it as truth. A beauty and intimacy beyond your previous comprehension.

Did you know you can hold your twin flame’s hand without even knowing who they are? You need not have met your twin flame to meet your twin flame. You can feel your skin against theirs. You can feel your body within theirs and their body within yours. It’s not just an imagination either, you can literally feel it.


But I’ve got a partner already and we’re happy, but we’ve never felt this…

Just because you’ve never experienced the spiritual side of it, doesn’t mean it’s not true love. These spiritual tools are here for those who find the search to be hopeless. Besides, you can develop these same skills and practice with your partner, to bring new levels of intimacy into the relationship.

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