How to Communicate with Your Twin Flame

Psychically communicating with your twin flame is possible whether you know who they are or not. There are different ways to connect with your twin flame. It will be easier if you already have experience with psychic communication, but don’t worry if you have none. The connection with twin flame is always the strongest connection you can have with another soul, so it will always be easier to contact a twin flame compared to any other soul.

Establishing the Connection

If you already know who your twin flame is, then you can use their name. Simply say their name in your mind and direct that thought toward their energy.

If you do not know who your twin flame is, then simply call on them by the name “twin flame” or “soulmate”, whichever resonates best.

Once you have called upon your twin flame, ask for a confirmation that the connection has been made. For example, you can simply ask “can you hear me?” or “can you feel me?”. The confirmation could come in the form of a voice, such as “yes”. Or it could come in the form of a twitch in the body. Or it could come in the form of a fuzzy feeling around your head or your heart chakra or your hands. Or it could come in some other way unique to yourself. Psychic communication comes in many different forms.

Strengthening the Connection

You can strengthen the connection by joining your crown chakra and heart chakra with theirs. In your mind, imagine the 2 points in your body glowing with light. Then imagine those 2 points becoming joined with your twin flame’s 2 points. You can imagine it like a circle of flowing energy, or you can imagine it like your two bodies have become one.

If you do this right, you should be able to feel some form of soft energy around your head and/or your chest.

Telepathic Communication

You can talk to your twin flame as if you’re on the phone to them. The quality of the connection will depend on your level of clairaudience (clear hearing).

Simply talk in your mind and direct your words to your twin flame, then wait for a response. You must listen with a clear mind. Do not force any thoughts into your mind while waiting for a response, instead you must remain light in the mind so that you can know when a thought is coming from outside.

Emotional Communication

You can talk to your twin flame in the form of emotions/feelings instead of words. This, in my opinion, is a much stronger form of communication. Telepathy is weird because words don’t always come through accurately. Feelings are pure. Simply feel what you feel and aim any feelings you wish to convey, towards your twin flame. Then wait for a response. Your next emotion will be their answer.

I suppose you could say there is a delicate art to this form of communication.

Tactile Communication

This is a fun form of communicating with your twin flame. By touch.

You can touch your own skin and they may feel it. Or you can reach out with your spirit and use your imagined hands to touch an imagined body. You’ve got to try different things. Then as usual, wait for a response. Wait to feel something on your own body. This will not only confirm a connection, it will also allow you to be intimate with your twin flame. Hey hey now… I’m talking about cuddles and hand holding here, let’s stay respectful.


To end, I’ll just say that you’re best off experimenting with this stuff by yourself. I can’t tell you exactly how you’re going to communicate with your twin flame because everyone is different. These are just guidelines that should get you going.

I also just want to say that even if you do receive a connection, your twin flame may not receive the connection in the same way. Sometimes it is on a soul level and outside of their awareness. Sometimes it is indeed in their awareness. You can never know until you meet the person and talk fully about it. But just remember that this is a genuine connection, and it’s not to be toyed with. Act with respect and mindfulness always. Let’s not turn this into a psychotic dealio. Go easy on it.

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