What IS a Twin Flame?

Most people would use the term “soul mate”. But in truth, a soul mate is any kind of soul-level connection/friendship/relationship. Twin flame is the most powerful form of soul mate.

So, when people say “I want to find my soul mate”, what they really mean is “I want to find my twin flame”… Because well, we all have many soul mates and it is near impossible to not have already found several soul mates in life. Soul mates come and go. It could be for any length of time. But the idea with twin flame is that it lasts for life, and beyond.

The first thing you have to understand is that the idea of twin flames can drive a person to insanity if it is not understood or fully respected. You can’t dive into this stuff thinking you’ll find your twin straight away. And you can’t assume that anyone is your twin. You can’t risk making assumptions, as they can drive you deeper and deeper into a life you never intended to live in the first place. But if your heart pulls you somewhere, you mustn’t ignore it. This is a difficult thing to balance. If you get the balance right, you will find your twin flame. If you don’t balance it right, you’ll fall into trap after trap after trap.


Harmonious Twin Flame Reunion

This is an event where the energies of twins become entwined and gradually come into harmony. It can be very shaky at first. Every reunion is different, and many are smooth as… but just don’t expect it to be all sunshine and roses, because it very well might not be.

Fortunately… no matter how messed up things get… something will feel very right. The feeling itself, of love, will be undeniable.

When the energies of twin flames begin the merging process, each of them may feel the other’s body touching, surrounding or within their own. Tactile feedback. This is a sure way to recognize that you are going through a reunion process.


Energetic Alignment

Before reunion, one may feel like one’s energy just doesn’t mix well with anyone’s energy. When reunion begins, in some cases it may feel like one’s energy mixes well with everyone and anyone’s energy. This makes the risk of false twin flame connections very high. When reunion reaches a certain stage however, one’s perception of the situation becomes clearer and clearer.

Mixing with many different energies may feel important at first, but when clarity is gained, one will have to let go of many energies. It may be painful to do so. But it is necessary in order to gain further clarity into the situation. And with clarity, comes direction.

When you let go of the energies which do not resonate, you’ll find yourself feeling freer than ever, but also realizing that the new energy you feel was YOU all along. You just never knew or appreciated it.

When reunion begins its intense period, twin flames come together closer and closer in their own magical way. But the one thing which always happens is that the twins’ energies come into alignment. When energies are fully aligned, it should become very easy to spot one’s genuine twin.

Some twins have energies which are polarly opposite. Some twins have energies which are parallel. And there are other ways in which energies can intertwine. For example, it is not unheard of to have a 3-way twin flame reunion (for example, a couple and an unborn child. or a multiple-partner relationship). But it is always divine. Look into numerology to understand the divinity of numbers, it will help. Numbers are energy, and our own numbers make up a divine blueprint for our lives.

The energetic alignment is like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not an easy thing to figure out, so a good rule of thumb would be to simply feel it in your heart.


Mutual Understanding

Twins have a natural ability to understand each other, no matter the situation. If twins find a misunderstanding, it is resolved very quickly, especially after energetic reunion.


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